Introducing Arcana Europa

Introducing Arcana Europa

Arcana Europa (Æ) will showcase the publishing projects of editors Michael Moynihan and Joshua Buckley, and will provide a home for these projects in the future. The Æ imprint will also be responsible for publishing the groundbreaking and influential journal TYR, which is now in its fifteenth year. A new edition of the journal will appear in the next few months, and will feature articles by Joscelyn Godwin, Richard Rudgley, Nigel Pennick, Stephen Flowers, Jack Donovan, Wolf D. Storl, and other dynamic and important contributors.

As with TYR, Æ titles will be characterized by the highest standards of quality and attention to detail—both in terms of content and presentation. Our books will reflect our interest in European esoteric traditions and how these traditions intersect with various aspects of history and culture, as well as examining often neglected aspects of folklore and mythology. We will document the ways these ideas manifested in ancient and medieval societies, and how they have informed modern social movements. Nevertheless, Æ will not be bound by any narrowly conscripted ideology or agenda. The imprint will develop in whatever directions our curiosity and imaginations take us.  

We are proud to announce that our first project is now available: The Northern Dawn by Stephen Edred Flowers. Originally issued in a small edition by Rûna-Raven Press in 2006 and unavailable for many years, this book has been revised, expanded, and redesigned—including new illustrations—for publication by Æ. It presents a holistic history of ancient Germanic spiritual, cultural, and legal traditions and charts their continuities and reawakening during the period from the early Middles Ages until the end of the fifteenth century.

Upcoming Æ releases will include The Eldritch World, Nigel Pennick’s book-length meditation on the realm of the uncanny and the “arresting strangeness” that lies just beyond the edge of our everyday reality. Æ is also preparing a new edition of the long out-of-print classic On Being a Pagan by French philosopher Alain de Benoist, as well as new works by Stephen Flowers and a select group of other unique and compelling authors.

While book-publishing will remain our primary focus, the choice to call our new venture Arcana Europa Media reflects an intention to expand into audio-visual areas, such as sound recording and film. We will also offer a line of striking and high-quality apparel. Visitors to our website can stay apprised of these projects, and can keep abreast of new developments.

The modern world can be a dark and bewildering place. It might seem as if we are living through a slowly unfolding apocalypse, or what those with a traditional mindset might describe as Ragnarök or the Kali Yuga. But in the pages of worthwhile books, and in the World of Ideas that they represent, we gain a vantage point that allows us to withstand these upheavals. This is the mission of Arcana Europa: to provide our readers with enlightenment, inspiration, and a temporary spiritual respite from the ever-shifting fortunes of this foreboding and precarious Age.