TYR: Myth, Culture, Tradition Vol. 1

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POD Reprint Edition

Edited by Joshua Buckley and Michael Moynihan

Arcana Europa, 286 pages, ISBN 978-0999724569

IN THE FIRST VOLUME: Stephen Edred Flowers on "Integral Culture," Joscelyn Godwin on the Italian esotericist Julius Evola, French philosopher Alain de Benoist's interview with "new comparative mythologist" Georges Dumezil, Nigel Pennick on the "Spiritual Arts and Crafts," Steve Pollington on the Germanic war god Woden; Michael Moynihan on divine traces in the Nibelungenlied, Collin Cleary on the anti-modern television series "The Prisoner," Joshua Buckley's interview with Ian Read of the English heathen music group Fire + Ice, and much more.