Rune-Song: A Guide to Galdor

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By Edred Thorsson

Arcana Europa, 100 pages, ISBN 9798728505730

Learning to work with the runes—so as to allow them to truly “speak”—can be a daunting task. At one end of the spectrum, scholarly texts on runology can be difficult to obtain and impenetrable for someone who lacks an extensive background in Germanic and Indo-European linguistics. At the other extreme, books on rune magic and divination are often completely divorced from historical and cultural reality. Rune-Song is designed to remedy this situation in the form of a concise and reliable guidebook.

Written by Edred Thorsson (Stephen E. Flowers), a runic practitioner who received his PhD in Germanic Languages and Medieval Studies in 1984, Rune-Song is a practical reference guide for runic esotericists who wish to work with the runes in a culturally and historically authentic way. Accompanied by a comprehensive set of audio recordings by the author (available as a free download), Rune-Song will assist the reader in the proper pronunciation and recitation of the ancient rune names, rune poems, and runic formulas, as well as providing insight into a fully developed esoteric system of runic “seed-words,” which can be likened to a Germanic form of mantra magic. By mastering the contents of Rune-Song, modern practitioners can more deeply engage and resonate with the runes for both meditative and operative work.

Long out of print and highly sought after, Rune-Song is presented here in a fully revised and improved edition for the twenty-first century.