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The Rûna Interviews with Edred Thorsson

Edited By Ian Read and Michael Moynihan

Arcana Europa / Gilded Books, 86 pages, ISBN 9781074360023


Rûna magazine was one of the pre-eminent publications covering the contemporary Germanic Revival in England, Europe, and North America at the turn of the millennium. Published in London from 1997 to 2009 and distributed internationally, each of Rûna’s twenty-four issues included articles and essays on folklore, magic, history, and culture. Another highly anticipated feature of the magazine was the ongoing conversation it conducted with Edred Thorsson (Stephen Flowers), the founder of the Rune-Gild and the world’s leading authority on esoteric runology. This regular interview column touched on Edred’s many interests and engagements, from his scholarly work to his underlying philosophical commitments, historical insights, and his vision for the Gild.       

Presented here in its entirety for the first time, this wide-ranging and enlightening discussion is an ideal entryway into Edred’s mindset and worldview. It is also a perfect introduction to the greater constellation of ideas that constitute the Germanic Revival today. In addition to the interview, this volume is bookended by two of Edred’s essays which also appeared in the magazine: “Rûna: Cognita et Incognita” and “Towards the Birth of an Odian Philosophy: Hans Naumann and Nietzsche’s Ewige Wiederkunft.”